Tribal art


“I in the vicinity of Strasbourg’s Studio is a large industrial wasteland, where nature back to life, also in cities who made the temporary dwelling place. A woman living in an old trailer, I stumbled on her zhizhe crutch begging in the town.

No spam and no this piece of waste ground, one day I found a rusty metal plate, I painted the beautiful girl silhouette.

The other day I came across a bottle cap Hill. Very strange, I always find these rusty lid, when I started my art tribes, is the cover made me gusto, which was my original print material, for example if the rust vaguely have a mask on a shape that emerges, I will deepen a Groove make the topic more clearly.

Materials running out, I went to the traffic flow on the highway of collecting coke cans, they were large trucks into interesting shapes, if not flat enough I just let them be more flat truck. I would like to thank those people who drive for work together. After my material was wood and aluminium.

20th century of ready-made went into the field of art, after Picasso and Braque and Kurt Schwitters and others special experience and practice, at one o’clock in the evening to break new realism to a more unbridled. (JF. Baltzen printmaking exhibition, now until early next year, starting from three o’clock in the afternoon of the day, in Taipei, lane 37, Yongkang Street, Mei ‘ s Tea bar display details contact: 02-23942425. )

Translation from Steven Bradbury

Wen Xiayu

2011-11-01, the China Times,, “JF. Baltzen/Wen Xiayu/translation from Steven Bradbury"

Aigle pêcheur des Puxides

Léopard la nuit des Puxides

Crocodile des Puxidest

Léopard des Puxides

Masque des Sonachefes

Masque des Kakobos

Masque des Ironites

Masque des Kakobos

Masque des Puxides

Masque des Puxides

Masque Sonachefes

Masque aux dents des Ironites

Masque porte des Puxides

Origine du monde Ironites

Masque T Kakobos

Poulie des Puxides

Poulie Malevitch

Poulie métier à tisser de R

Poulie métier à tisser de P

Poulie tisseran à quatre pouces

Poulie tisserand à trois mains

Roi guerrier des Puxides

Reine T des Aluminites

Roi T des Aluminites

Statue des Puxides

Un vrai mec

Quel plaisir d’avoir de vos nouvelles, et quelles nouvelles !!! Une exposition et une exposition qui plus est dont l’intitulé, comme le lieu, laissent présager d’un climat joyeusement décalé, ouvert et salutairement stimulant. Je suis absolument ravie pour Vous … bien que les images nous manquent cruellement. Mais nous aurons, je n’en doute pas, d’autres occasions de les découvrir.

Avec tous mes vœux les plus chaleureux de succès et de plaisir pour ce moment important, cette occasion de partager avec d’autres ce travail de création.

En vous souhaitant le meilleur et surtout de continuer longtemps à prendre le temps de jeter sur les choses et sur le monde un regard salutairement impertinent.

Chaleureusement de nous tous,

Dr. Brigitte D’Hainaut-Zveny
Université libre de Bruxelles
Département Histoire, Art et Archéologie
Brussels Belgium.

The 23 octobre 2011

“What a pleasure to hear from you, and what a news!!! An exposure and an exposure besides among which the title, as the place, lead to predict of a cheerfully moved, open climate and wholesomely stimulating. I am absolutely delighted for You although the images are sorely lacking to us. But we shall have, undoubtedly, other opportunities to discover them.

With all my warmest wishes of success and pleasure for this important moment, this opportunity to share with one others this work of creation.

By wishing you the best and especially to continue for a long time to take time to look on things and on world a wholesomely impertinent look.”

Original text



之後我的材料是木頭和鋁。20世紀現成物走進了藝術領域,經過畢卡索和布拉克以及Kurt Schwitters等人的特別體會和實踐,更晚一點來到新寫實主義就更突破更肆無忌憚了。

(JF. Baltzen版畫個展,即日起至明年初,每日下午三點起,在台北市永康街37巷16號,Mei’s Tea bar展出,詳情洽電:02-23942425。)